Monday, 12 September 2011

Nixxi Rose Jewellery

My eldest sister Nicola is the creator of many beautiful pieces of jewellery, including those you can see in the photos. She has even used deer jaw bones, found in the New Forest, to create a special one off piece of jewellery just for me (the antler necklace). The pendant in the middle is based on Winchester Cathedral and has doors that open up to reveal the steps and arches inside the cathedral and don't worry, the teeth aren't real. I think just from these few photos you can see her mind is a bottomless pool of quirky and original ideas. If you’re on Facebook, find her official page at Nixxi Rose and see what other wonderful things she has made, you won’t be disappointed


  1. These are incredibly cool! Thankyou for following my blog! I wish you every success with yours!

  2. Thank you very much :D I wish you every success with yours too :) x